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Cape Breton Window Cleaning / Window Repair / Window Replacement

Excellent Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Business Opportunity for:

1. A turn-key operation
2. As an add-on to your existing business
3. Your Own Website:

The Canadian Window Company offers a three part (window cleaning, window repair, window replacement) business opportunity with the flexibility to perform only one component or all three!


  • REVENUE GENERATION - Begin making money immediately!
  • WORK FROM HOME - You are the boss! You run your own business!
  • SERVICE INDUSTRY - No products to buy, stock, or resell.
  • PROTECTED TERRITORIES - Geographical, per city or region.
  • NO FRANCHISE FEES - No fees, royalties, or regulations!
  • WEBSITE PPROVIDED - This (YOUR) Website is already set up! This page is removed. We then customize this (YOUR) Website for YOU! ...SAVE $$THOUSANDS$$ upfront by not having to create a website! And it already ranks on the FIRST PAGE OF SEARCH RESULTS IN YOUR MARKET! Updates and maintenance supplied.
  • LEAD GENERATION - Local emails and phone calls supplied from day one!
  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT - $699(CAD) (plus shipping) for a Service Representative Foggy Window Repair Kit for De-Fogging Windows, plus as a bonus, you get your own professional WINDOW COMPANY Website and Lead Generator FREE for 6 months! ...a $150(CAD) VALUE ADDED! A three part (window cleaning, window repair, window replacement) turn-key business opportunity!
  • NO CONTRACTS - Pay only $25(CAD)/month for the Website and Lead Generator to maintain your territory. Updates and maintenance supplied. And remember, the first 6 months are FREE!
  • OR PURCHASE THE WEBSITE AND LEAD GERERATOR ONLY - Purchase it now for 12 months $299(CAD) and receive an additional month for FREE!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT - (Facebook, YouTube), development and maintenance.
  • SUPPLIES - Sourced at cost, no mark-ups, you choose suppliers best packages.
  • TRAINING - Video tutorials, train at your own pace.
  • BUSINESS SUPPORT - Toll free phone and email support.

The secret to our success is our Lead Generation! Why pay for expensive advertising? The CAPE BRETON WINDOW COMPANY Website and Lead Generator is already set up and ranks on the first page of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.) in your market. From day one you will receive real local leads in your territory. This allows you to begin making money immediately!

You are the boss! As an entrepreneur you have the flexibility to run your own business. You price the jobs in your market, complete the work on your schedule, and build your business through client referrals and our constant Lead Generation. Perform one or all three components (window cleaning, window repair, window replacement) of our business model. Begin as a one component turn-key operation and then grow your business to include all three! Or become a consultant and resell your leads to local businesses which provide the window services that you have no interest in providing.

The website / business opportunity will be assigned to only one individual / business in the Cape Breton, Nova Scotia market act now!

Fill out the form below for more information about window cleaning, window repair, and window replacement, business opportunities in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia!

Cape Breton Regional Municipality
320 Esplanade
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 7B9
(902) 563-5005